Yvonne Jegede vs Nedu, Mr Ibu’s GoFundMe, Aunty Ramota’s BBL, other top entertainment stories last week.

Actress Yvonne Jegede and media personality Nedu threw shades at each other on social media over comments made on ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, which Nedu co-hosted.

Yvonne tendered an apology after seemingly endorsing Yul Edochie’s controversial second marriage during her appearance on the podcast, which Nedu wasn’t happy about.

On her Instagram page, the actress said Nedu’s actions toward her apology showed he doesn’t like women. She added that a small-minded man like Nedu would never understand the need for an apology, even when he was wrong.She wrote: “I woke up to see Nedu’s post reacting to my appearance on the podcast, notably my apology to May Edochie and women in general. I understand Nedu’s difficulty in comprehending my apology. Narcissistic and toxic men like him cannot grasp the importance of apologising when others feel hurt by your actions, regardless of whether you believe you are right or wrong.

“Small-minded people like you rejoice when women attack each other or are trampled upon. Check the history of your podcast; it is filled with content targeting women’s self-esteem. Perhaps the rumour about you is true—you don’t like women! Nedu, there’s nothing wrong with women winning and shining; it doesn’t diminish you or any other man.

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