Vietnam’s Ambitious Plan: Building Information Infrastructure to Propel Digital Development.

Vietnam has come a long way since its first foray into the internet nearly three decades ago. With a burgeoning population of internet users, reaching nearly 80% of its populace, and a robust mobile phone penetration, the country stands at the threshold of digital transformation. However, despite these strides, Vietnam faces challenges in its information technology (IT) infrastructure that threaten to impede its progress towards a fully digitalized future.

The Prime Minister’s recent decision in January 2024 outlines a comprehensive plan for the development of information and communications infrastructure from 2021 to 2030, with a visionary outlook towards 2050. This plan aims to rectify existing deficiencies in Vietnam’s IT infrastructure while positioning the country as a competitive player in the global digital arena.

One of the primary concerns addressed by the plan is the fragmentation and inadequacy of Vietnam’s foundational databases for the digital economy. The lack of standardized databases hampers efficiency and interoperability, posing obstacles to the seamless functioning of digital services. Additionally, the payment infrastructure, essential for facilitating digital transactions, is inconsistent and underdeveloped, further hindering the growth of the digital economy.

To tackle these challenges, the plan emphasizes the need for cohesive and forward-thinking infrastructure development. By aligning the growth of digital space with physical infrastructure, Vietnam aims to create an environment conducive to innovation and economic growth. This includes prioritizing the establishment of multi-purpose national and regional data centers built to international standards, which will serve as the backbone of the country’s digital infrastructure.

Moreover, the plan recognizes the importance of human capital in driving digital transformation. With an ambitious target of training 500,000 high-quality IT personnel by 2025, Vietnam is investing in its most valuable resource – its people. This skilled workforce will be instrumental in harnessing the full potential of the country’s digital capabilities, driving innovation, and fostering sustainable development.

Crucially, the successful implementation of this plan promises to unlock new opportunities for Vietnam’s information and communications sector, propelling the country towards rapid and sustainable socio-economic development. By leveraging its strengths and addressing its weaknesses, Vietnam is poised to emerge as a dynamic player in the global digital landscape, driving innovation and prosperity for its people.

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