Tana Adelana ask for guidelines on how to understand the Holy Quran

Tana Adelana ask for guidelines on how to understand the Holy Quran

NOLLYWOOD on-screen character, Tana Adelana has requested that her devotees put her through on where and how to peruse the Holy Quran.

The entertainer, who as of late won the Best Actress of the year (English) at the City People Awards, uncovered on her Instagram page that she just downloaded the Holy Quran. Notwithstanding, it appears the entertainer is looking for a manual to explore the blessed book for perception.

Tana Adelana
Tana Adelana

“My most recent download,” she composed.

“Islam is rough, Islam supports malicious, Islam doesn’t advance world harmony… I heard all these and more while growing up and the rundown is unending.

“What doesn’t make any sense is; I have Muslim companions who have been something contrary to what I’ve heard. Where my Muslim adherents at? Do I need a manual for read the Holy Quran? Are there stanzas I should peruse regardless of whether I can’t understand all? Are there sections I should avoid? I’d value your assistance”.

Tana has likewise been named at the 6th release of the GMYT African Humanitarian Awards and Fashion Show in the Best Actress in a main job classification. The occasion will hang on December 6 at Oriental Oiental Hotel, Lagos.

By Huswat Lawal



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