Photos Of The Female Soldier Who Died In Army Uniform

See earlier thread about her death here

the North, the Boko Haram war is real. But in the South, it is far from
the daily experience of many people. Slowly, it is sinking in a war is
on. It sank in painfully to a Facebook user, John Eneh, when a female
soldier he called Blessing, a beautiful young girl, was killed in the
Sambisa Forest, while pushing back the onslaught of the Boko Haram. She
was based in Calabar few months before her death, but now she is no
more, after going to Sambisa Forest.

Here is the what Eneh posted:

So so so sad right now.

BLESSING, I thought you would wake up because Its just too early for this in 2017.

Rest in Peace GALLANT BAE….



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