Nodash says Nigeria Movie producers need to utilize rising opportunities

Nodash says Nigeria Movie producers need to utilize rising opportunities

Award winning movie producer, Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe has asked Nigerian film makers to use worldwide open doors opening up for Nollywood.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Adejuyigbe said this in an open letter to Nollywood makers on his Instagram page @i am_nodash.

The letter is a piece of a progression of posts abridging his encounters at the 2019 Carthage film celebration where his acclaimed film, ‘The Delivery Boy’ spoke to Nigeria.


Adejuyigbe stated, “dear individual makers, there is an entryway before us. Its an unexpected entryway in comparison to any we have seen previously.

“Like a few, I have seen this entryway – peeped through the keyhole even-and what’s behind it is greater than me, greater than you, greater than the vista before me in this image, it is undoubtedly greater than the summation of everything we could ever hope for.

“Be that as it may, we can’t discover this entryway when pride is hindering our eyes nor would we be able to kick it open with the surge, lets-simply shoot mindset. Not a chance.

“Not at all like different entryways that cash and publicity can open, this entryway just responses to genuine greatness.”

He recognized the battles Nollywood makers face however urged them to rethink their procedures and methodologies to meet the desires for the group of spectators.

As indicated by Adejuyigbe, in show disdain toward the lean assets, Nollywood additionally needs to contend with world class films for spectators and it owes an obligation to give the group of spectators their cash’s value.

“Sure I know the imperatives we face as Nigerian makers. Be that as it may, our movies are being shown on indistinguishable stages from the absolute best movies on the planet so nobody thinks about our limitations.

“Some state we shouldn’t contrast ourselves and different ventures however that is amusing in light of the fact that the group of spectators doesn’t get unique limits on their ticket costs or membership charges when they watch Nigerian films.

“So in the event that we are requesting that they pay similar rates to watch our movies, it’s not out of the question we convey tantamount worth.

“Nobody is stating we should deliver ‘Titanic’ on a ‘Madea’ spending plan, yet can we in any event produce an elegantly composed and pleasing ‘Madea’?

“Obviously we should reevaluate our procedures, modify our procedures, bite the bullet and reconsider our associations.

“It very well may be done and all that we need is around us. With film, a fantastic, all around situated item removes 60 percent of your lucrative cerebral pains.

“The staying 40 percent will rely upon your promotion technique. Indeed, you may need to work with individuals outside your customary range of familiarity.

“It may take a little experimentation if that is the stuff to take care of business right.

“The entryway is there, standing by to be opened. What are you going to do now?” Adejuyigbe said.

By Huswat Lawal



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