Melaye’s stay at the National Assembly a catastrophe, says Adeyemi

Melaye’s stay at the National Assembly a catastrophe, says Adeyemi

Over Court judgment: In everything I give God the applause – Dino Malaye

Representative Smart Adeyemi has depicted the stay of Senator Dino Melaye, who he crushed at during the rerun for the Kogi West Senatorial District seat at the National Assembly, as all out fiasco.

Adeyemi was proclaimed champ in the Court of Appeal requested rerun, safe house surveyed 88, 373 votes to remove Melaye, who got 62, 133 votes.

Dino malaye

Adeyemi was on Saturday pronounced victor by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), following the finish of the advantageous.

Tending to pressmen locale of Kogi State, Senator Smart Adeyemi has depicted congressperson Dino Melaye his political kid.

Tending to show, in Lokoja, on Sunday, Adeyemi who challenged under the foundation of the decision All Progressives Congress (APC), proclaimed never to set out on an adventure that will discolor the picture of his voting demographic and the state general.

He said that despite the fact that he brought Melaye up in governmental issues, yet that shockingly he betrayed him.

He opined that Melaye’s time at the National Assembly was a debacle to the individuals of Kogi State and the country as a rule.


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